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What you can buy on the Kraken website

Many people think that the KRAKEN is only about buying a ban, but in fact it is not entirely true, because there is another side - those who sell the same ban. These are the same users who have opened their store on this platform and are engaged in a very profitable business. Let's analyze the pros and cons of opening your store on the KRAKEN website

Main advantages and disadvantages of your own business on KRAKEN

For starters, let's talk about the benefits of doing business on First of all it's very profitable because you don't pay taxes on every sale, all you have to pay is a few percent service fee. Another plus is the absence of any paperwork and registration requirements. That is, in order to open a store on KRAKEN, you do not need to register an individual entrepreneur or be self-employed, moreover, you will not even be asked for a passport and other personal information. Everything is completely anonymous, no one knows for sure which person is behind one store or another. In addition, you will not need to submit reports, go to offices, and the like. As for the cons, they still exist and are more related not to the marketplace itself, but to the fact that you can be held liable for the sale of prohibited substances.